Dr. Matthew Ross


Dr. Matthew Ross is the founding father of Midwest Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists, formerly known as Neurosurgery, Spine & Pain Specialists. Board-certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons, he specializes in both pediatric and adult neurosurgery. He trained as Chief Resident in Neurological Surgery at the University of Illinois, Cook County Hospital, and Michael Reese Hospital, all in Chicago. In addition to being a skilled surgeon, Dr. Ross is a dedicated teacher of doctors, nurses, medical students and patients alike. He has served as faculty for the Spinal Science Advancement foundation, and spends extra time helping patients understand spinal health and their role in recovery.


Dr. Ross is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, The International College of Surgeons, and the Illinois Neurosurgical Society. He served as Chairman, Department of Surgery at Central DuPage Cadence Hospital from 2006 to 2008. He has served on the Board of Directors at Central DuPage, Cadence Health Hospital (2008 to 2011), Cadence Health, Central DuPage & Delnor Hospitals (2011-present), and Northwestern Hospital Medicine (2014-present).


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Allison Hill

Business Manager / Treasurer

Allison has a BS in Systems & Data Processing from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, she earned an MBA from the University of Chicago with a specialization in Quality Management and a concentration in Behavioral Science. She has worked in several industries including multi-physician practices, major medical health insurance, hospital, and manufacturing. Her expertise includes medical practice establishment and management, business management, management consulting, project management, and computer systems development and management. In 1996, Allison established our original practice, Neurosurgery, Spine & Pain Associates, to enable Dr. Matthew Ross and his former partner, Dr. Douglas Johnson, to transition from the Glen Ellyn Clinic to their own practice.


Allison is our Business Manager and Treasurer. She manages our team members and interacts with attorneys and insurance companies as an advocate for our patients. She developed a separate computer system to reconcile our accounts receivable system and to manage our accounts payable system. She performs our financial reporting and works closely with our corporate accountant and attorney.


Inpatient / Outpatient Coordinator

Alma is one of our Spanish / English bilingual team members. She is our Inpatient (surgery) and Outpatient (office visit) patient care expert. She schedules office visits, diagnostic tests, surgeries and attorney meetings. She obtains required approvals from Worker's Compensation insurance companies to facilitate patient care, assists patients with completing registration forms, completes insurance company requests for information forms, fills prescriptions per doctor's orders, and updates medical record dictation. She is cross-trained to run the office when her co-workers are on vacation. 


Billing Coordinator

Heather is our medical billing and insurance expert. She generates all insurance bills and patient statements. In addition, she applies all payments received from insurance companies, patients and attorneys. Heather writes appeals and makes calls to insurance companies and to the Department of Insurance as a patient advocate to make sure insurance companies pay claims according to patient benefit plans. She schedules appointments, diagnostic tests and surgeries. Heather is cross-trained to run the office when her co-workers are on vacation.


Administrative Assistant

Maria is one of our Spanish / English bilingual team members. She works with patients to gather demographic, clinical and financial information to ensure the accuracy of medical records. In addition, she communicates with insurance companies, test facilities and the hospital to obtain approval for patient care, coordinate test scheduling, and assist in surgery scheduling. Maria also contacts insurance companies and attorneys to provide information to facilitate claim processing and case management. Maria is cross-trained to run the office when her co-workers are on vacation.